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American Eagle Federal Credit Union

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It Simply Does Not Work With Ios 15

American Eagle Financial Credit Union opens first branch in New Haven County

UPD0: Developers please note after May 2020 ALL reviews are bad. Do you pay any attention to this? One of the worst bank apps. Huh. The app was not updated for 5 months. No wonder it does not work. Also, look at the canned answers from developers. Its funny and unprofessional. UPD: Called the number, was instructed to reboot the phone and reinstall the app. Of course it did not help. They said someone from technical support will call me back. Of course, no one called. UPD2: tech support called back. Asked me to remove all keyboards but the standard US. Now the app works. Developers need to fix this bug ASAP. Its ridiculous of not being able to use keyboards other than US. UPD3: As the developers dont give a sh. on users complaints, I decided to move away and stay away from AEFCU. UPD4: and no one cares at AEFCU more of a reason to depart from this institutionUPD5: Still no update to fix the keyboard bug? Really? 10 months of hard work and no update?

To Watch 202: Brady To Lead American Eagle Fcus Pivot Back Into Small Business Lending

When CEO Dean Marchessault shakes the last hand and says his final goodbyes to the 333 employees at American Eagle Financial Credit Union, successor Howard Brady will be left to face one of the toughest questions in business: How do you replace a legend?

Its tricky when the footprint is large.

General Electric hasnt been the same since Jack Welch left. Kevin Ollie stumbled trying to succeed Jim Calhoun as UConns basketball coach.

For Brady, the answer is simple: Stick to the plan.

That would be the 15-year operations plan the East Hartford-based credit union launched in 2016. And its working.

Bradys voice reflects a certain amount of awe as he ticks off Marchessaults accomplishments in six years leading American Eagle:

Assets are up $1 billion, from $1.3 billion to $2.3 billion

Membership is up about 50%, from 107,000 to more than 160,000

Theres a new headquarters on East River Drive

The service area has grown into Massachusetts.

One important aspect of that 15-year plan is a focus on staff development. Brady is proof that part also is working. He considers Marchessault, who hired him, as a mentor.

He came aboard as chief lending officer after building a career in mortgage finance, including work as a mortgage broker and in a credit union setting. Hes been serving as a senior vice president and the transition has been progressing seamlessly since Marchessault announced his retirement plans in mid-2021.

Was there anything American Eagle could do to help?

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