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Arrowhead Credit Union Rancho Cucamonga

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Notes On Arrowheads Data And Financial Condition As Cited In Ncua Chairman Matzs Letter

Rancho Cucamonga Quakes at Inland Empire 66ers, April 3, 2003

The NCUA letter is correct that Arrowhead had not been making member business loans for a year, but the credit union was able to do these loans for less than $50,000 under its SBA program. Those loans have now been stopped. The other critical issue iswhat will happen to current lines of credit that mature. Will they be renewed?

Arrowhead Credit Union Locations And Average Salaries

The average salary of Arrowhead Credit Union is $155,255 in the United States. Based on the company location, we can see that the HQ office of Arrowhead Credit Union is in RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA. Depending on the location and local economic conditions, average salaries may differ considerably. Use the more locations button to explore other Arrowhead Credit Union locations and view additional salary information.

Numbers Matter: But Common Purpose Determines Relevance

In its August 10 letter to Arrowheads community leaders, NCUA repeated previous general assertions with selective data to support its actions. Numbers are important for they are critical in making good judgments about appropriate actions. As shownin the notes below, there are compelling facts and data NCUA omitted, or in several instances created, to fit the circumstances.

But this is not about numbers. Its about members and their best interests. Arrowhead is being downsized, experienced and capable staff are being removed and laid off, and loan programs are being discontinued. Instead of playing a proactive rolein the Inland Empires economic recovery, with a long-term view to the communitys future, Arrowhead is being stripped of its ability to serve the members who founded it. The NCUA overseers and their local contractors do not live in thecommunities served by the credit union and will not be there to see the effects of their handiwork.

When will the NCUA give the community back its credit union back so it can be responsible for its future? That is all these writers were asking for and what NCUA did not respond to.

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Arrowhead Credit Union Comments And Reviews

Here’s what people are saying about Arrowhead Credit Union. Company reviews can provide helpful insights into the company culture, working conditions, benefits, compensation, and training opportunities in Arrowhead Credit Union. They may also reveal information or provide tips on interviewing skill requirements, and other factors that could help when applying for a position at that company. Reviews may also highlight any negative aspects of a company that will help in evaluating it as a prospective employer.

Management could be improved, but overall a great company to work for, your team feels like a family as well as the members. There is lots of room for growth and management will help you if they see potential in you.

Arrowhead was the best, laid back job ever. Did a lot of fun things to give back to the community, volunteer work. The company and CEO really cares for each individual. Highly recommended.

In my honest opinion, it was the branch I was at. Decent place to work. But to me it was temporary. Be careful with management. The push for positivity is simply toxic.

Overall a really great company to work for. Management seems to really care about the employees. The members are usually pretty pleasant to talk to so its definitely a plus.

Arrowhead credit union is very protective of their culture and it shows a high caliber of individuals who are process-driven and emotionally intelligent.

Arrowhead Credit Union Company Jobs And Salaries

How to get to Arrowhead Credit Union in San Bernardino by Bus or Train

The average salary of Arrowhead Credit Union jobs will vary according to location, department, and job description. The table shows below the name of the job title below you may be interested in including salary range and total compensation. The salary paid can be different for the same position in Arrowhead Credit Union based on experience, skills, and education.

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