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First Commerce Credit Union Routing Number

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Online Banking Tutorial | Find Your Account or Routing Number

You may continue to use your checks issued by The Citizens Bank until your current supply runs out. Following the conversion date on Sunday, November 1, we encourage you to order your new First Commerce checks and take advantage of a $20 discount on your first order by calling our Contact Center. Or you may email us at and request that a team member contact you about ordering your first set of checks. This discount offer is good through April 30, 2021. Please Note: Checks ordered through a third-party company will not be eligible for the $20 discount.

If you have a loan with The Citizens Bank, your loan account number will change as of Monday, Nov. 2. You will receive a separate mailing with your new account number. Loan payment amounts and terms will remain the same. Any automatic payment arrangements you have made will not change. We offer a variety of convenient options to make your loan payments. Visit to see options.

We will mail your new First Commerce debit card to you in the third week of October. Your new card will arrive in a plain, unmarked envelope with activation instructions enclosed. Your First Commerce debit card can be activated upon receipt. Please note, your debit card will not be available for use until the system conversion is complete on Monday, November 2, 2020.

Wondering Where To Find The Routing Number Of First Commerce Credit Union

Finding this nine digit code is not rocket science. Just like any other account, First Commerce Credit Union routing numbers can be found easily using these methods.

Referring to the checkbook: Get the First Commerce Credit Unions routing number at the bottom left-hand corner of the cheque. The first set of number is the First Commerce Credit Unions routing number whereas the second set of number is the account holders number.

Bank website/ online banking: First Commerce Credit Union has listed its routing number on its website. Find it easily by logging into their website. If you are an account holder, then you can also find First Commerce Credit Unions routing number by logging to your mobile banking or calling the bank officials directly. Check out the routing number of First Commerce Credit Union by simply inputting the bank name and the location at In a few seconds, the routing number will be on your screens.

Difference Between Ach And Aba Routing Number

ABA or the American Bankers Association routing numbers are used for the paper of cheque transfers.

ACH or Automated Clearing House routing numbers are used for electronic transfers.Both ABA and ACH routing numbers are nine-digit codes. But the first two digits of the nine digits in an ABA number ranges from 00-32 whereas, for ACH routing number, it can range from 61-72.

For some banks, ACH or Automated Clearing House routing numbers and ABA or the American Bankers Association routing numbers may be the same. Confirm with First Commerce Credit Unions officials before using ACH or ABA routing number for any financial transactions.

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What Is The Difference Between Swift Codes And Routing Numbers

One may be confused, as both SWIFT codes and routing numbers are used for financial transactions. The SWIFT codes and First Commerce Credit Union Routing number of First Commerce Credit Union are used for distinctive purposes. Lets give you a clear explanation below:

SWIFT codes- These are the codes used during international money transfers only. SWIFT codes are 8 to 11 digit alphanumeric codes that define the important details about the bank, branch, country, and account. SWIFT code is also used by financial institutions in exchanging messages with each other thus it is also known as the largest financial messaging system in the world.

Whereas First Commerce Credit Union routing number is used for electronic fund transfers that happen in the domestic domain. The First Commerce Credit Union routing number is the US is also known as the ABA RTN and in Canada as Bank Code. ABA RTN is managed by the American Bankers Association and Accuity. The First Commerce Credit Union routing numbers in Canada are controlled and managed by Payments Canada.

The biggest distinction between SWIFT code and routing number is the area of usage. If the payment stays domestic, then the First Commerce Credit Union routing number would suffice. But if the payment crosses borders, then the SWIFT code will serve the purpose.

Future Members Or Additional Loans/accounts

Members First Credit Union Routing Number
  • If you open your First Commerce account online, you will be asked a series of security questions to verify your identity.
  • To open a First Commerce account in one of our financial centers, please bring your official photo ID and Social Security card.
  • Sammy Squirrel Kids Club accounts must be opened in one of our financial centers. Please bring your childs birth certificate and Social Security card.

If you made it far enough into the application to enter an email address, you should have received an email from us with an application number and link. This link and number will allow you to complete the same application you started. If you did not give us your email address or did not receive the reminder email, please start a new application.

Enroll in Direct Deposit to have your paycheck automatically deposited into your account on your payday. Simply complete this Direct Deposit Authorization form or one provided by your employer or the source of the funds and return it to their Accounting department today! If you are unsure whether certain funds can be direct deposited, check with a Financial Services Officer at one of our locations or call us at 850.488.0035 or 1.800.533.5772.

When your direct deposit will start depends on your employer or the source of the direct deposit, but typically after the request is turned in, you will receive one more check or direct deposit into your old account and then your direct deposit into your First Commerce account will begin.

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What Is A Routing Number

Your bank routing number is a 9-digit code used to identify a financial institution in a transaction. It’s based on the location of the bank where your account was opened. It is also referred to as an RTN, a routing transit number or an ABA routing number and can be easily be found printed on the bottom left side of your check. You can also find your routing number in your online banking portal.

The most common types of encountered transactions are ACH and wire transfers. Some banks and financial institutions usually have multiple routing numbers serving different purposes, geographical regions, and branches. The Federal Reserve Banks require routing numbers to process Fedwire funds transfers and the ACH network requires them to process electronic funds transfers .

Find Your First Commerce Credit Union Routing Number

This 9-digit code is used for multiple purposes such as fund transfers, direct deposits, bill payments, and digital checks. When one uses these modes of electronic transactions, then the First Commerce Credit Union will prompt you the First Commerce Credit Union routing number. A routing number is also required while filing taxes and receiving rebates.

A bank can have more than one First Commerce Credit Union routing number. So does First Commerce Credit Union. Bank mergers and location may result in multiple codes. Before making any electronic transaction, it is always advisable to confirm with First Commerce Credit Union which number you must use. If your bank account First Commerce Credit Union routing number is changed, First Commerce Credit Union will send you notifications prior, so that you stay informed and be watchful.

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What Our Members Have To Say:

Greetings from England from one of your oldest members.Im writing to call attention to the excellent service I have had from your colleague Julius Pickett in the last couple of months.Because of arbitrary policy changes in my British bank Ive had to find new ways of getting my monthly dollar pension check converted into British Pounds Sterling. For the last two months Ive found myself in the capable hands of Julius Pickett. Evan, this young man is a natural and hes going places. I hope you can keep him in the FCU. He is efficient and personable, without ever being bored or indifferent. Please give him a tug on the forelock.All the best!

I’ve worked with Ms. Wheeler several times to open CDs. She is highly professional and efficient. It has been a pleasure working with her. She has been my personal “DOCFCU Employee of the Month” for several months running.

“LaPriece and I wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to Samantha White and Department of Commerce Federal Credit Union for providing assistance and relief to those impacted by Hurricane Ian. We live in Punta Gorda, which borders Fort Myers, and were in the direct path of Hurricane Ian when it made landfall. We are still without power, have to boil our water, and have spotty cellular service. Every day feels like we are picking up pieces of our lives. So thank you for helping during this difficult period of recovery and unplanned expenses.”

When You’ll Need A First Commerce Credit Union Routing Number

How to Find Your Routing Number

A routing number is required in a variety of situations, including setting up direct deposit, automatic loan payments or recurring transfers like bill payments.

Youll also need it when you file taxes to receive your tax refund or debit a tax payment, or when you conduct Automated Clearing House , transfers between different bank accounts.

Generally, you’ll only need your routing number when funds are being directly transferred to or from your bank account never for debit card or credit card purchases.

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Routing Numbers Of First Commerce Credit Union

The database of our website contains information about one routing number of First Commerce Credit Union in one state of America . At the same time, most branches are in the city of Tallahassee . To find out information about the First Commerce Credit Union in a specific state – choose from the menu below:

Suite 100 488-0035

Current Members Fraud Or Lost/stolen Cards/checks

Its important to report fraudulent account activity or identity theft right away. Call us to report fraud at 850.488.0035 or 1.800.533.5772, log into digital banking and send us a secure message, or email us at . For more information, visit our Fraud and Security page.

To report your First Commerce MasterCard debit card lost or stolen, call 1.800.417.8715.

To report your FCCU VISA Credit Card lost or stolen, call 1.800.682.6075, visiting

For more information and guidance, please visit our Lost/Stolen Cards/Checks page.

To report lost or stolen checks, log into Digital Banking and click on services, select stop payments, and indicate the range of check numbers, or call 850.488.0035 or 1.800.533.5772.

To stop payment on any outstanding checks that you are unsure of, contact First Commerce by calling our Contact Center . Cancel your checking and savings accounts and obtain new account numbers. If your own checks are rejected when you try to use them, contact the merchants check verification company.

If you are a victim of identity theft, get guidance from our partner, IDT911.

To stop payment on a check, see above FAQ for information.

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What Are The Differences Between Fedach & Fedwire Credit Transfers

Below are some of the differences between FedWire credit transfers and ACH credit transfers in the US.


  • Same day clearing, which means the sender’s account is debited and your account is credited on the same day.
  • Irrevocable. Once a FedWire is sent, the originator/sender cannot send a reversing transaction. This is a huge advantage of using FedWires because it mitigates risk of reversals.
  • Cost. FedWire typically cost more to send and to receive.
  • Fedwire is a real-time gross settlement funds transfer system operated by the United States Federal Reserve Banks that allows financial institutions to electronically transfer funds between its more than 9,289 participants.

FedACH Credit

  • Next day clearing. Settlement or clearing typically takes place Next Banking day.
  • Inexpensive. Little or no cost to send and receive. .
  • Allows for Reversals. Sender/originator does have the ability to perform reversals or correcting entries.
  • Batch Processing ACH entries are group together into batches and processed by Financial Institutions and the ACH Operators in batch mode.
  • FedACH is the Federal Reserve Banks’ Automated Clearing House service. It provides financial institutions with efficient, low-cost batched payment services that enable an electronic exchange of debit and credit transactions through the Automated Clearing House network.

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Making First Commerce Loan Payments

Thank you for choosing First Commerce to finance and service your loan. We take our commitment to you seriously, including making your loan payments easy and convenient. We offer a variety of ways to make your loan payment. Simply choose the option that works best for you.

The most convenient way to make a payment and find up-to-date information about your FCCU loan is through our Digital Banking service. To set up automatic payments and manage payment activity, visit the Loan Payment page in Digital Banking by going to Transactions > Loan Payments. To enroll in Digital Banking, visit our Digital Banking Enrollment Page. No fee applies.

You may use Funds Transfer as an option in Digital Banking to transfer payment to a loan from any FCCU savings or checking account for which you are a primary or joint account holder. Alternatively, we can draft your payment from either your checking or savings account on your due date. Reach out to our Contact Center and a team member will be happy to assist you. You may also use the Member Account Line phone banking service. First Commerce checking account required. No fee applies.

If your primary account is with a different financial institution, we can help you set up payments to draft on a recurring basis from your other account on your due date. Reach out to our Contact Center and have your primary account number and routing number handy. We will set it up for you. No fee applies.

Routing Number Vs Account Number

The routing number of First Commerce Credit Union is different from its account number. As a matter of fact, this condition holds the same for all of the banks in the world. Differentiating the account number from the routing number is no big task. For every bank related transaction, one may be prompted to provide with their account number and routing number. Both of these credentials are assigned to you while you opened your account at First Commerce Credit Union.

But both of these valuable numbers indicated two different details. Account number identifies the account holder, whereas the routing number specifies the bank in which your account is held. For eg., Your First Commerce Credit Union account number is 0000263182516 and the routing number is 263182516. Here 0000263182516 depicts your details as the account holder of First Commerce Credit Union and 263182516 represents the details of First Commerce Credit Union that is responsible for money going in and out of your account.

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Ways To Find Your First Commerce Credit Union Routing Number Online

Here are several ways available to you to find your ABA routing number:

  • On this page We’ve listed above the details for ABA routing number FIRST COMMERCE CREDIT UNION used to facilitate ACH funds transfers and Fedwire funds transfers.
  • Online banking portal: You’ll be able to get your bank’s routing number by logging into online banking.
  • Paper check or bank statement: Bank-issued checks or bank statements. See the bottom left side of your check.
  • Bank customer service: You’ll be able to get your routing number by contacting your bank’s customer service staff
  • Fedwire / American Banking Association: You can look up your routing number on the official website of the Federal Reserve or the American Banking Association.

For your bank to process the payment quickly and securely, you should always check routing numbers with your bank or your recipient.

Checking Account Comparison Chart

Locate Bank Routing Number and Account Number

Keep your business running smoothly and efficiently with a business checking account that fits your needs. Thats the power of yes! First Commerce offers business checking account options for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Below youll find a comparison between accounts from the Citizens Bank and accounts offered at First Commerce.

The Citizens Bank
  • Unlimited transactions and check writing
  • No per-item charges
  • User Management feature in digital banking to add separate users and control their access to accounts
  • Check Images with Statements
  • Export your transaction activity into Quicken, QuickBooks and others for easy bookkeeping
Public Funds Checking Public Funds Checking
  • No minimum balance
  • Unlimited transactions and check writing
  • User Management feature in digital banking to add separate users and control their access to accounts
  • Check Images with Statements
  • Export your transaction activity into Quicken, QuickBooks and others for easy bookkeeping
Checking for Associations and Nonprofit Organizations Community Checking
  • No fees with avg. daily balance of $2,500
  • Free processing up to 350 checks per month
  • User Management feature in digital banking to add separate users and control their access to accounts
  • Check images with statements
  • Export your transaction activity into Quicken, QuickBooks and others for easy bookkeeping

Additional Benefits

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