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Genisys Credit Union Pontiac Mi

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Are Rates Better For Rv Loans Or For Personal Loans

Genisys Credit Union: Jackie Buchanan our CEO

The rates on all of our loans will vary depending on which loan is being applied for, how it will be used, and your own personal financial situation. That said, Genisys tailors our recreational loans to better meet the needs of anyone purchasing a boat or recreational vehicle, as they will have different financial needs than someone buying a car or another vehicle to be used year-round in the long term. As helpful as personal loans can be, getting a specialized boat loan or recreational loan can help you make the most of your investment – and enjoy your new vehicle even faster!

How Are My Certificate Dividends Calculated

Genisys share certificate & savings certificate dividends are paid and compounded quarterly. The interest rate and term length of the certificate are determined at the time of initial deposit when the certificate is opened. If you have another Genisys account, you may elect to have these dividends transferred to another Genisys account monthly or quarterly.

Is There A Penalty Or Fine For Early Withdrawal From A Share Certificate

While you can withdraw funds from your share certificate whenever you want, you will generally incur an early withdrawal penalty if you do so before the end of your term. The amount of this penalty will depend on the terms of the certificate, as well as the amount of the withdrawal, but penalties are generally classified as:

  • 90 days of earned dividends for certificates of one year or less

  • 182 days of earned dividends for terms longer than one year but less than five

  • 365 days of earned dividends for a term of five years

These penalty amounts may also reduce your principal amount.

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High Yield Checking Account Faq

What is a high yield checking account?

A high yield checking account works like a standard checking account by giving you access to your money whenever you need it, but with one big difference – you can earn interest just by using your account! By keeping your money in a high yield checking account and using your debit card like normal, you can earn cash dividends from an annual percentage yield .

How does a high yield checking account work?

Our high yield checking accounts offer cash dividends, paid out monthly, that offer an APY interest rate on your average daily balance. If you use your debit card 10 times a month , your daily average checking balance will start to earn interest using our APY. This interest is then paid out at the end of the month on your average daily balance, up to $7,500*.

What does high yield mean?

When it comes to interest checking accounts, the term high yield refers to the annual percentage yield being calculated as interest. Most standard checking accounts dont offer interest, as theyre more meant for daily spending instead of holding onto your money in the way a savings account would. High yield checking, accordingly, offers interest rates rates the way you would get on something like a CD or Money Market account, but you get rewarded for using your money for everyday needs!

Do all checking accounts pay interest?

How much do I need to open a high yield checking account?

Is there a balance minimum for high yield checking accounts?

Information About This Business

Genisys Sparks a Match with Local Fire Department

Full Service Financial Institution/Credit Union

Posted on January 26, 2016.Brought to you by localcom.

We want you to love your financial institution and when you bank with Genisys, we know that you will! We are not a bank, and thats a good thing. Its part of what makes us different, but that is just the start of what we are all about. Give us a try for home loans, auto loans, recreation loans, free checking with debit rewards, mobile banking and a whole suite of convenient access services to…

Posted on October 05, 2015.Brought to you by botw.


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What Are Rv Loans And Boat Loans

Boat loans, RV loans, and recreational loans work similar to auto loans or other types of vehicle loans, except theyre designed to help you pay for the recreational vehicle youve always wanted! By offering flexible terms and lower rates to better match the average price of a boat or recreational vehicle, our recreational loans can help you finance the vacation vehicle youve been dreaming of.

What Are Share Savings Certificates

Share certificates are very similar to savings certificates , in that they help you grow your initial deposit over a period of time. The difference is that share certificates are only issued by credit unions, as opposed to CDs which are offered by banks, and can often offer higher yields than standard savings accounts. They work similarly to other types of savings accounts in that you start with an initial deposit, but you leave the money in for a predetermined amount of time and watch as the interest rate helps build your savings up!

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How Do Rv Loans And Boat Loans Work

RV loans and boat loans are a convenient way to finance the recreational vehicle youve been looking at for your next vacation. It works much the same as any other vehicle loan – you can apply for a loan to determine how much you may qualify for, as well as your potential rates and monthly payments, and then use the amount of your loan to purchase your new boat or RV! These loans are tailored to the price and value of boats and other recreational vehicles, making them far more suited for the needs of your budget than a more generalized vehicle loan or auto loan.

Earn More Interest With A Federally Insured Share Savings Certificate

About Us – Genisys Credit Union

When you are looking for a safe, guaranteed return on your money, a Certificate Savings Account from Genisys is a great choice. You will earn a fixed rate, guaranteed for the term you choose. Plus, our credit union rates are generally higher than the certificate of deposit rates offered by banks.

A Genisys Savings Certificate Account is a great option for IRAs or to achieve any savings goal. Choose the savings certificate thats right for you.

  • Open an account with as little as $500 for terms of 6 months to 5 years.
  • Flex Certificate– Open an account with just $100 and get three options during your one-year term.
  • Make additional deposits of $10 to $25,000 per day to your Flex Certificate.
  • Withdraw up to 25% of your principal one time throughout the term without an early withdrawal penalty.
  • Bump-up the rate one time during the term should the offered rate on a Genisys Credit Union Flex Certificate increase.
  • Jumbo Share Certificateshave a minimum balance of $100,000 and earn higher dividend rates than our Share Certificate Savings Accounts.

Check out the great rateson all of Genisys certificate savings account offerings.

*Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.

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This Genisys Credit Union Is Located Nearby

Not sure where Genisys Credit Union on 44400 Woodward Ave is?The following places are located nearby. We’ve also included the estimatedwalking distance.

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