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How Much Does Western Union Charge To Send $500

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How Much Money Can I Send With Western Union

How much does it cost to send money via Western Union?

Your limits will vary based on a number of factors including your transfer history, location, transfer destination and what service you choose.

See the maximum amount you can send when inputting your transfer details in the Send Money section on Western Unions homepage.

If you are looking to make a large money transfer, then Western Union allows you to transfer up to $50,000 from the US when sending from your bank account directly to the receivers bank account. But keep in mind that this limit may not be available for all receiver countries and is subject to restrictions based on the factors mentioned above.

Limits at Agent Locations

Theres usually no restriction on the amount you may send at an agent location. However, some countries set limits on how much can be received. If you have questions about a specific amount youre sending or a specific country, you can call Customer Care to inquire.

Money Transfer Fees: How Much Will Your Transaction Cost

People send domestic and international money transfers for several reasons, from paying back a friend for lunch to helping a loved one with a down payment on a home.

Its helpful to know that transferring money around the world is as easy as initiating a money transfer and having your receiver get the funds almost instantly, but how much does it cost?

While money transfers can be fast, convenient, and easy to initiate, they include fees that vary depending on several factors. Before you transfer funds, learn about money transfer fees, requirements, and how to save money on your next transfer.

Wise Vs Western Union: A Comparison

If you choose to send money with Western Union, from the US to UK, its only possible to do so by having the recipient pick up the cash from a Western Union location.²

Sending money online with Wise lets you send money at the real exchange rate and avoid exchange rate markup charges.

Heres a comparison of what the costs will be to send USD 1000 to GBP, using both Wise and Western Union. In both cases, this assumes the transfer is funded by a bank account – not credit or debit card – and processed by wire transfer.


Data collected on 18 December, 2020

With Wise, you simply get 10 on your transfer, with the real exchange rate despite a higher upfront fees. This is how Western Union sneaks in hidden fees to your international transfers.

Its worth noting that the costs could be significantly higher if you want to use a different payment method.

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Is Sending Money Through Western Union Free

When it comes to sending money, there are a lot of different options out there. You can send money through the mail, wire transfer services, or even online. Western Union is one of the most popular companies that offer money transfer services. But is sending money through Western Union free? The answer is both yes and no. If you are sending money within the United States, then there is no fee for using Western Union. However, if you are sending money internationally, then there is a fee involved. The exact amount of the fee will depend on how much money you are sending and where you are sending it to. In general, Western Union fees are not as high as some other companies that offer similar services. They also have a number of different ways that you can send your money, including online, in person at an agent location, or over the phone. Overall, they provide a convenient and affordable way to send money around the world.

Western Union Exchange Rates: A Hidden Fee

Money Transfers To Mexico

Heres what Western Union say in the Send Money Online page² in the footnotes, relating to international transfers:

In addition to the transfer fee, Western Union also makes money from currency exchange. When choosing a money transmitter, carefully compare both transfer fees and exchange rates. Fees, foreign exchange rates and taxes may vary by brand, channel, and location based on a number of factors. Fees and rates subject to change without notice.

To really understand what Western Union means here, you need to understand a bit about the mid-market rate. Thats the only real exchange rate and the one that banks and financial institutions use when trading currency on the open market. You can check the mid-market rate using an online currency converter, or by googling the currency pairing you need.

And this is where customers should be wary. It is true that many foreign exchange and international money transfer services do not use the mid-market rate to complete transactions.

However, there are services out there, such as Wise, which believe it is fairer – and better value for customers – to use the mid-market rate and apply only a small transparent fee to each transaction.

In many cases, the spread applied by banks and foreign exchange services can add a significant cost to the customer. Using a provider who sticks as close as possible to the real exchange rate, can make a significant difference.

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How Much Does Western Union Charge To Send $500

When it comes to sending money, Western Union is one of the most popular options. But how much does it cost to send $500 using Western Union? The answer depends on a few factors, including where youre sending the money and how youre paying for it. For example, if youre sending money from the United States to another country, youll need to pay a fee of at least $5. If youre paying with a credit or debit card, there may also be a service fee of 2.5% or more. So, in total, you could be looking at fees of around $17.50 when sending $500 via Western Union. Of course, this is just an estimate your actual fees may be higher or lower depending on the specific circumstances involved in your transfer.

Send Money To Colombia

Quickly send money to Colombia online, with the Western Union® app or from an agent location. Transfer money to an account at a major bank in Colombia or for cash pickup.

Be informed. Be aware.

We encrypt your transfers

We are committed to keeping your data secure

Weâve sent money around the world for over 150 years

Youâll both earn a $20 Amazon.com e-gift code*.Terms and conditions apply.

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How Can I Save Money

Use your bank account to avoid paying additional fees.

Special promotions may reduce the fees for sending certain amounts of money to and from certain countries or locations. Search for promotional codes online to save on fees.

You can enroll in the Western Union MyWU program. This program saves all of your data on past sends, including transfer to companies. Also, you gain rewards points where you earn 1 point for every $2 in fees.

Sending money online or via the mobile app will be cheaper than sending in person.

Western Union is one of the many ways to wire money, so it doesnt hurt to compare competitors Walmart, for example, has been known to offer cheaper rates than Western Union in most scenarios.

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Is Western Union Safe To Use

Western Union Money Transfer Review | How To AVOID Hidden Fees!

Western Union uses policies and procedures like photo identification and tracking number verification to help make sure your money is sent to the right person. It also educates its agents and customers on how to protect themselves from fraud and scams.

Typical scams through Western Union include:

  • Payment requests. Someone online offers to sell you something and asks that you pay through Western Union. They pick up the cash that you sent to a Western Union agent location, and you never hear from them again.
  • Overpayment scam. You receive a check that appears to be valid for a new job, a service or a product you are offering. The check amount is more than you earned, so the sender requests you return the extra amount by money transfer. After sending the money transfer, youll learn that the check bounced, and there is no way to reverse the money transfer.
  • Tax scam. You are contacted by someone claiming to be from a government agency, stating that you owe taxes and they must be paid immediately. They will claim the fastest way to send money and avoid penalties is through a money transfer.

To combat these types of scams, Western Union provides clear warnings on their website before a user sends a money transfer. This popup warning requires users to choose Accept before sending their transfers.

Can I trust Western Union?

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Whats The Difference Between Western Union And Moneygram

MoneyGram is the worlds second biggest money transfer company while Western Union comes in as the largest on the planet. Western Union is better than MoneyGram for some customers, but its always a good idea to compare these and other services before deciding which provider will be best for your specific transfer.

Western Union Fees For Sending Money In Person

With 500,000 agents around the world, the changes are that theres one somewhere near you if you want to arrange your payment in person. Visiting a Western Union office means you can deal face to face with a customer service agent and pay in cash. However, you may find that the overall costs of your payment are higher when using this service.

Youll see from the example above that sending your payment in cash comes with a fixed fee – in our example, this is USD9. However, the exchange rate applied to this transfer is the lowest of the three on offer. This means your recipient gets less in the end, no matter whether your payment is collected in cash or sent to their bank account.

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Updating Your Profile Information Online

  • Log in to your Western Union profile and initiate a transfer of more than 4000 PLN to start the ID verification process. If you donât have a profile yet, create one on westernunion.com or the mobile app.If you are already a mobile app user, make sure your app is up to date.
    • last four digits of the card number
    • bank name, and logo

    Using bank-funded transfer:

    If requested, send us the required document to our accountnameverification@wu.com email address and make sure that it would display the details below:

    • Your full name as they appear on your ID and your Western Union profile
    • Your bank IBAN used for placing a transaction
    • The issuing companyâs name and logo

    After your identity is verified, you will receive a confirmation email.If you need to send money now, please visit a nearby Western Union agent location.

    A Straightforward Way To Send Money Overseas With Multiple Transfer Options

    How Many Money Orders Can I Buy At Once
    • Make transfers to over 120 countries in 40+ currencies
    • Enjoy simple, same-day transfers

    Western Union has a gigantic global network of agent locations and bank connections that makes it easy to send money to almost anywhere. Transfer money fast for higher fees, or a bit slower for lower fees, depending on your needs and resources.

    However, given Western Unions history of customer complaints and lawsuits, maybe consider looking at smaller money transfer providers who have a better track record and also offer better exchange rates and lower fees. Having said that, Western Union will almost always be a cheaper option than your bank, especially when sending one-off transfers or to remote destinations.

    Why should I consider Western Union?

    What to be aware of

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    Western Union Online Transfer Fee

    For convenience you can set up and pay for your Western Union transfer online. Western Union transfer fees for online payments vary depending on how you fund the payment, and how you want it to be received. You may also find that the exchange rate on offer changes depending on the options you select.

    In the example above, the best exchange rate is offered for payments made online which are received directly into the recipients bank account. The transfer fee varies according to payment method, with the highest charges for credit card payments, followed by debit cards and bank transfers.

    Western Union Fees And Charges

    The fees charged by Western Union vary according to where youre sending money, and also the payment method. Some of the steepest fees youll run into are from international money transfers with Western Union.

    Here are the charges you need to know about:

    Type of fee
    Cancellation, query and alteration fees Fees vary

    Not all payment options are available in all countries and currencies, so youll need to check the specific details for your transfer.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Send $500 Western Union

    The fee is $4.50 to transfer up to $50 and $9.50 to send up to $900. Western Union, in comparison, charges $5 for a money transfer of up to $50, but a transfer of $900 could cost $76. There are a number of price points in between, dependent on the amount of money to transfer.

    Subsequently, Why cant I send money Western Union?

    Occasionally, money transfers may be declined. This is due to a variety of reasons, such as WU being unable to confirm your identity. WU is required to comply with regulatory standards and internal policies. If you were declined trying to send money online, you may be able to send money in person at an Agent location.

    Keeping this in consideration, Can I send $5000 through Western Union?

    Fees for money transfers within the US

    The cost to send money within the US via Western Union depends on the amount you are sending, your payment method and how your recipient would like to receive their cash. The maximum you can send in one day is $5,000, and the highest fee weve seen is $237.

    Beside above How can I avoid Western Union fees? You can avoid these fees by using a debit card. * Western Union also makes money from currency exchange. When choosing a money transmitter, carefully compare both transfer fees and exchange rates. Fees, foreign exchange rates, and taxes may vary by brand, channel, and location based on a number of factors.

    How much can you send with Western Union?

    Maximum send limit $500/day/card account.

    What Are Western Unions Fees

    Should You Use Western Union? 3 Cheaper Ways to Transfer Money Overseas

    Western Union offers easy, reliable ways to send money with fees based on the services you need. While these fees can range, you can get a free estimate when you start sending money with Western Union online.

    In the send money form, you can easily adjust different parameters, such as how your receiver wants to get the money and how you want to pay. Plus, you can join the My WU® program to start earning points1 on qualifying transfers. You can redeem points for exclusive member benefits such as transfer fee2 discounts.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Send 100 Dollars Western Union

    When it comes to domestic money transfers within the United States, Western Union is one of the most popular options. Thats because its fast, convenient, and relatively affordable. So, how much does it cost to send $100 via Western Union? The answer may vary depending on a few factors, but in general, you can expect to pay around $5 for a transfer of $100. That said, there are ways to get cheaper rates more on that below. Heres a breakdown of how Western Union prices its domestic transfers: Transfer Amount Fees Up to $50 $5 $51-$500 $10 Over $500 Varies As you can see from the table above, the fee for sending $100 is just $5 thats pretty reasonable compared to other money transfer services. However, if you want to send more than that , the fee goes up to 10%. Anything over that amount will be priced on a case-by-case basis.

    Get Your Id Verified At Your Doorstep And Start Sending Money Right Away

    With the Assisted verification option, requesting a visit from our agentâs representative takes only a few steps.

  • Register and log in to westernunion.com.
  • Select Assisted and click Continue.
  • Select your preferred location, date, and time for a visit, then confirm.
  • An Al Fardan Exchange appointed representative will visit you at your chosen address to verify your identity.

    • Get your Western Union online account verified at home

      Registered on the Western Union® app or at WU.com but need ID verification? Let us take care of that.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Send $100 Western Union

    Fees for money transfers within the US

    To send $100 from your bank account to their bank account still carries a significant fee of $14.00. Sending the same amount from your credit card as a cash pickup will cost you $20.50. The maximum you can send in one day is $5,000, and the highest fee weve seen is $243.

    How Much Does It Cost To Send Money Western Union

    unnamed file 1

    With Western Union, you can make a transfer to a bank account, or have the recipient collect the cash from a Western Union location somewhere convenient for them.¹ Its possible to fund transfers using cash, bank transfer, credit or debit card.²

    However, the costs can be high if youre sending money using a credit or debit card, or if your transfer is headed abroad.

    If you need to make a transfer directly to another bank account, which requires a currency conversion, you might be better off choosing a specialist in international money transfers like Wise.

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