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Partners Federal Credit Union Phone Number

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Broken For New Iphones

Meet the CEO: Ricky Otey

This app is not optimized to run on any of the new iPhones that use Face ID. Ever since we upgraded to the iPhone 11 we cant log in at all. Please focus more on functionality and leave aside the cool intro videos and views slides left and right. Fancy but not functional! Please fix ASAP!EDIT: This was an edge case scenario that happens when you upgrade phones and transfer data between phones using the Bluetooth as it appears that the new device is not registered to use with the app. It fixed it by deleting and reinstalling the app. 4 starts! Still think those fancy animations make the user experience slower.

From Walk In To Log In

We appreciate your business and want you to stay healthy and safe especially now, with the ongoing pandemic. Thats why were taking this opportunity to remind you that, by banking with us, you have access to 24/7 banking do your banking on your time, when you want. Not already enrolled in Partners Bank Online Banking?

Phone Pal Remote Phone Access

Have a quick question about your account? Try Phone Pal Audio Response:Toll Free: 800-684-2025

Using Phone Pal, you can access your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Phone Pal system allows access to share accounts and loan balances, transfer between share accounts, and the review of transaction history, deposits, checks that have cleared, last ATM posted, and other important account information. Members are also able to customize their PIN number.

When using Phone Pal, you will need your Partners Financial Federal Credit Union account number and your Personal Identification Number .

How To Use Phone Pal

  • You will need Touch-Tone access
  • When prompted, enter your member number and PIN
  • Listen carefully to menu options

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Too Many Special Effects And Annoying Status Report

I liked the old Partners app. It was efficient and easy to use. Now, you have to wait for the special effects to end to check your balance. I preferred being able to quickly access my information over having to wait for the special effects to end. It may just be several seconds, but it simply is unnecessary and a waste of my time. The bank has decided to give more space and highlight what your status is…are you gold or do you have enough money to be platinum? The gold/platinum dashboard takes up more space than the information I want to see. As a working person, I find the gold/ platinum status dashboard insulting. As someone with a perfect credit score, who makes a modest living and lives within their means, I am shamed by the dashboard for not being rich. The old app had a quick log out button on the home screen. Now, you have to click on a button to take you to the logout button. Please focus less on the special effects and the dashboard of shame and bring back efficiency and focus on members- what do we want to access quickly- for me its my account information and to log out quickly. Thank you.

Ners Federal Credit Union

Photos for Financial Partners Federal Credit Union
Walt Disney Company employees and their families

Partners Federal Credit Union is a federally chartered with corporate headquarters in Burbank, California. The not-for-profit financial cooperative offers membership to employees and cast members of The Walt Disney Company and their family members. As of December 2016, the credit union has thirteen branches, in excess of 180,000 members and over $1.9 billion in assets.

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Why American Partners

Since 1975, our most important responsibility has been our members. We are more than just a member-owned, not-for-profit credit union whose foundation was built on the principle of people helping people. Together, members and staff make up our American Partners Family. We strive to make your experience extraordinary, with a sense of trust and satisfaction so you may experience the Credit Union Difference. Please take a moment to watch the video below to see what members are saying about American Partners.


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