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Robins Financial Credit Union Loan Payment

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Robins Financial Credit Union

Ways to Pay a Loan Payment: Robins Financial Credit Union

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Common questions, curated and answered by doxo, about paying Robins Financial Credit Union bills.

How can I pay my Robins Financial Credit Union bill?

How can I contact Robins Financial Credit Union about my bill?

I forgot my account balance. Where can I find my bill?

What types of Robins Financial Credit Union payments does doxo process?

Finding Loan Payment/due Date

Locating in Web Browser

  • After you , Select which loan you would like to view your Payment or Due Date information.
  • VISA, Home Equity Loans, or Line of Credits

  • Once you are on the Account Details page select Details
  • The Details will drop down and your Regular Payment Amount and Next Payment Date will show.
  • *To locate your statement payoff amount navigate to your VISA, Home Equity Loans, or Line of Credits e-Statement.

    Auto Loans, Secured Loans, or Signature Loans

  • Once you are on the Account Details page select Details
  • The Details will drop down and your Regular Payment Amount and Due Date will show.
  • Locating in Mobile App

  • After you , Select which loan you would like to view your Payment or Due Date information.
  • VISA, Home Equity Loans, or Line of Credits

  • Once you are on the Account Details page select Details
  • The Details will drop down and your Regular Payment Amount and Next Payment Date will show.
  • Auto Loans, Secured Loans, or Signature Loans

  • Once you are on the Account Details page select Details
  • The Details will drop down and your Regular Payment Amount and Due Date will show.
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    How Skipping A Loan Payment Really Works

    Imagine this: Youre struggling to make your car payment this month. You open an email and BAM! Theres an offer to skip your upcoming loan payment. Time to celebrate, right?

    Offers like these can be a lifesaver when youre in a tough spot financially. But before you accept one, make sure you understand exactly how it works, and what youll be expected to do later.

    To help you determine whats right for you, were covering some of the basics of skip-a-payment options and how they typically work. Keep in mind that each lender is different, so your best option is to speak directly with a loan specialist to ask about the specific terms of the offer.

    The Lowdown On Skipped Payments

    Robins Federal Credit Union Creates a Season of Giving

    Sometimes, lenders will offer customers in good standing the ability to skip one or more payments on a loan. These offers may be a one-time deal, or they may happen multiple times throughout the year . You may be able to skip one months payment, or your offer may allow you to skip several months of payments.

    • Skipping a payment doesnt mean forgetting about it completely. You didnt just win the loan payment lotto! The payment you skip is added later in your loan payment schedule.
    • Skipping a payment doesnt mean skipping out on interest! Interest still accrues on your account as usual during the skipped payment period and throughout the newly extended life of the loan.

    If you take advantage of a skip-payment offer, youll owe more overall because of the extra interest that accrues. The good news is that accepting an offer to skip your payments wont negatively affect your credit. As long as you make any upcoming payments as required by the lender, your credit will show that youre paying as agreed.

    There are two main types of skip-payment plans: deferment and forbearance. Lets walk through each one.

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    What Is A Deferment

    A deferment simply means that the payment you skip are delayed until a later time. When? That depends on the lender. While many lenders tack skipped payments on to the end of your loan as extra payments , other lenders may schedule the missed payment amount to be due sooner.

    Lets say your auto loan payment is $400 per month and you receive an offer to defer your payment. Heres how a standard deferment might look:

    Paying Your Car Loan Off Early

    Making the final payment on a loan is a feeling of incredible accomplishment. Scheduling that regular payment over months and seeing the balance grow smaller and smaller over time, then finally reaching the day when the balance is paid in full is certainly cause for celebration.

    What if you could pay off your faster? Aside from what you would save paying in interest, think of all the other ways you could use that extra money! Here are some tips that will help you pay off your loan faster:

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    Round Up Your Payment

    Rounding up your monthly payment amount is probably the easiest and cheapest way to get out of your loan early. You don’t have to add a lot extra each month, but the more you add to the payment amount, the quicker the loan will get paid off. Even an extra $20 per month can make a difference. Use our Auto Loan Calculators to help you determine how much you can save by increasing your monthly payment.

    What Is My Mortgage Payment Made Of

    Understanding Your Home Loan: Robins Financial Credit Union

    There are 4 different factors that make up your monthly mortgage payment: Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance. Lenders combine these 4 elements into one payment, known as PITI, which you may have come across in your searches as you hunt for a mortgage loan and lender that best suits you. Your monthly mortgage payment can fluctuate over time depending on various factors, even if you have a fixed-rate mortgage. Understanding the 4 elements that comprise your mortgage payment and their potential changes can help you ensure that you arent taking on a larger payment than you can afford.

    Were here to help you understand what your mortgage payment is made of with a breakdown of each component of PITI:

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    Make One Extra Payment Per Year

    Not everyone has the cash flow or pay schedule to make bi-weekly payments, and that’s okay. You can still achieve the goal of paying your loan off quicker by making just one extra car payment a year. Use your tax refund, birthday money, annual bonus, or any other source of extra cash. Many times, any additional money over the minimum required payment will be applied to your principal balance, meaning that the amount of your principal will decrease by one full payment amount.

    Robins Financial understands the process of buying, owning, and refinancing a car can be intimidating. We are here to make that process easier, with our friendly staff helping you every step of the way. To find out how much you could save, give us a call or stop by any of our branch locations. If youre ready to apply for a credit union auto loan, apply online and start saving today.

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    Swint V Robins Federal Credit Union

    George E. Saliba, Macon, Ga., for Robins Federal Credit Union, appellee.

    Fred H. Hodges, Macon, Ga., trustee-appellee.

    Before JOHN R. BROWN, Chief Judge, BELL, Circuit Judge and HOOPER, District Judge.

    JOHN R. BROWN, Chief Judge:

    Law and especially bankruptcy law so often engrossed in technicalities, finds itself here being able to follow the general guide of human affairs in testing the legalistic standard of clearly erroneous, F.R.Civ.P. 52. The guide is that actions speak louder than words. Judge by what was done, not by what is said particularly what is said about what was done and why. The springboard for such philosophic judgments is this appeal from the denial of a discharge in bankruptcy by the Referee . Robins Federal Credit Union and the Trustee in Bankruptcy object to the discharge on the basis of § 14c of the Bankruptcy Act ) making a materially false statement to obtain credit for a business. We reverse the Referee’s and the District Court’s denial of discharge on the basis of § 14c and remand with directions to allow discharge.

    § 14b provides for the bankruptcy court to fix the time for filing objections to discharge after which “he court shall hear such proofs and pleas as may be made in opposition to the discharge, by the trustee, creditors, the United States Attorney * * * at such time as will give the bankrupt and the objecting parties a reasonable opportunity to be fully heard.” § 14c provides:

    The proceeds were distributed as follows:

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    Always Check For Penalties Before Pay Off

    Not every lender has their customers best interest at heart. Check the fine print and make sure you wont owe any fees or penalties for paying off your loan early. Robins Financial Credit Union has no pre-payment penalties on our auto loans. But if you will owe penalties to a different lender, determine if the extra amount you will have to pay is worth the hit to your wallet. One trick you can use if the penalties are too high is to pay off almost all of your loan, then make tiny payments each month until it runs out. Be sure to start saving to pay off the loan and the penalties by setting extra money aside each paycheck.

    The Difference A Forbearance Makes

    Robins Financial Credit Union to continue sponsorship of Independence ...

    Some lenders offer loan forbearance in times of crisis. A forbearance gives you a temporary pause on payments while you are experiencing hardship. Youll have to contact your lender directly to request a forbearance because in most cases, this is not something that a lender will automatically offer or grant. You may be asked to provide proof of the hardship to your lender documents showing a recent job loss or illness, for example.

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    How To Use Bill Pay:

    No one enjoys paying bills, but we are here to provide the tools you need to pay your bills easily and make sure they are paid on time. Our short tutorial goes over everything you need to know to get started.

    Are you interested in learning more financial tips? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more helpful information.

    Pay A Loan Through Acu Online Banking

    Instantly move money from an Associated Credit Union account into your Associated Credit Union loan account, such as a Credit Card, Auto Loan, Mortgage, Home Equity Loan & Line, and Personal Loan. Or schedule a transfer for a later date. This is a free service offered to our members.

    To get started, log in to Online Banking, select Move Money within the top navigation, and then select Make a Transfer.

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    An Exception To The Rule: Student Loans

    Note that federal student loans work a bit differently than other loan types. With subsidized federal loans and Perkins loans, you will not accrue any interest during a deferment. You will, however, continue to accrue interest on any unsubsidized federal loans.

    Interest accrues as usual with a forbearance, so you will end up owing more overall and have the payments you skipped added to the end of your loan. Federal student loan forbearance is limited to 12-month periods. Deferments of these loans can last longer and typically require a qualifying event such as unemployment or documented financial hardship.

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