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Self Help Federal Credit Union Online Banking

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App Has Never Worked For Me And Neither Does Their Website On Iphone

Online Banking Enrollment

Closing my account with Self Help because I cannot log into my account on their website from my iPhone but can do so just fine on a galaxy and a laptop. The app has not worked once and I mean literally every time I try to open it I get the message This application is currently unavailable. Please try again later. Not to mention their customer service phone lines are never open when you actually need them. Its ridiculous.

Free Online & Mobile Banking

Self-Help FCUs mobile banking app, free for both iOS and Android, comes with a comprehensive set of features. It also contains each users transaction history and a directory of available Self-Help FCU ATM and physical branch locations. Via the app, account holders can deposit checks to any of their Self-Help FCU accounts, pay loans, and pay bills. Account holders can also transfer money from their Self-Help FCU accounts to other third-party banks and credit unions.

Pay Bills & Transfer Funds

– set up recurring payments and pay bills without the hassle of writing checks and paying for postage

– transfer money between your own accounts or to other members at Selfreliance FCU and to your accounts in other financial institutions

– request a domestic or international transfer straight from your computer

– tackle your credit card debt with a few taps on your keyboard

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Business Savings & Money Market Accounts

Businesses that need a safe place to park their money can consider Self-Help FCUs two savings account options. Its business savings account lets customers earn interest at an APY of 0.15% for no monthly service fee nor minimum balance requirement. The minimum deposit is a low $5. Savings account holders also have access to free online banking and e-statements.

Rates are higher in the organizations Money Market productsaccounts that meet Self-Help FCUs minimum balance requirement of $500 earn dividends at an APY of 0.40%. However, account holders only get six free withdrawals and transfers each month. Additional transfers or withdrawals cost $10 per transaction.

When Is Self

SPE Federal Credit Union Updates Their Website  CU*Answers Web Services
  • Your business deals with up to 100 transactions per month: Under Self-Help FCU, business owners can make up to 100 free transactions per month. It also provides up to 20 free bill payments, and exceeding the limit raises the bill payment fee to $1.
  • Your business is just starting out: Self-Help FCU has zero minimum balance or opening deposit requirements. Its website also provides many business education resources.
  • You struggle to secure loans from other institutions: Self-Help FCU aims to provide financial assistance to unconventional borrowerssuch as non-profits, churches, social service organizations, and green businesses. Businesses can access Self-Help FCUs loan options without providing valuable collateral.
  • You want to support social justice causes: It invests the revenue it generates directly into its members and partner communities. Deposits under Self-Help FCU are used to support development assistance projects.

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When Self

  • You want to earn interest on checking deposits: Although Self-Help FCUs business checking accounts are interest-bearing, their APY of 0.05% pales in comparison to competitor rates. A good alternative would be the fintech solution Bluevine, which offers an APY of 2.0% on qualified business checking accounts.
  • You rely on in-person banking but live outside Self-Help FCUs jurisdiction: It only has physical branches in four states: California, Illinois, Washington, and Wisconsin. However, its sister institution, Self-Help Credit Union, has branches in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Virginia. Larger banking companies, such as Chase, will have more branches available nationwide.
  • You dont want to pay monthly fees: Self-Help FCU charges a monthly fee of $15 for businesses that dont meet a minimum balance of $25,000. The credit unions Bethpage and Affinity Plus have account options that require no monthly fees.

If your small business meets one or more of these scenarios, read our guide to the best small business checking accounts for additional recommendations.

How Self

None at Affinity Plus, MoneyPass, Co-Op, and SUM ATM networks $0
None at Affinity Plus, MoneyPass, Co-Op, and SUM ATM networks $0
Visit Bluevine**

*Self-Help Federal Credit Union and Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union are member-NCUA insured.**Bluevine is a financial technology platform backed by and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. -insured through a supporting bank partnership with Coastal Community Bank.

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