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Town And Country Credit Union Fargo

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Made The Mortgage Process Really Easy

Town & Country Credit Union – Go to Town

Going through the mortgage process with Town & Country was excellent. Im not a numbers person and I can get overwhelmed by a lot of big language and a lot of numbers. Town & Country made the process really easy for me. Every time there were bumps in the road, they helped me through it,

Very Quick Easy And Friendly

The value is amazing. Its like youre a member of their family. They dont ever treat you like your questions are a waste of their time. Theyre always very quick and very easy and friendly to work with. Even when I bring my children in they dont treat them like children who know nothing. They ask Hows your day? How can I help you today? so my kids are also just as happy to go in.

A Place That Feels Like Home

I would absolutely recommend Town & Country to friends and family. I would tell them about the long-standing credibility and customer service that theyve provided me over the years. And I would tell them that if they wanted a place that feels like home, thats where they should go.

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Local Helping Local Builds Community

As a Maine business, we live here, too, so we value strong communities which enrich and contribute to our daily lives. This not only includes financial wellness opportunities dedicated to giving everyone a chance to succeed financially, but also supporting organizations that make where we live vibrant and strong.

Personal And Business In One Place

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Im a local business owner and Town & Country is where I come for both my business and personal accounts. I have checking and savings here and I just love how convenient it is for me to do both business and personal things through Town & Country Credit Union. They know me by name.

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Perfect Combo Of Small Town And Big City

To me, Town & Country Credit Union is the perfect combination of small town and big city. It has all the amenities to address my financial needs and at the same time they still have that friendly atmosphere that you get from a small community. Theyre always willing to help you with any bumps or any questions that you might have. Theyre always friendly and welcoming. And most importantly they treat you like a family member instead of another client on their list

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