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Union Safe Company Wall Safe

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How Do I Open A Winchester Safe When Im Locked Out

How to Install Wall Safe, Hidden Wall Safe. Union Safe Company

Winchester Safes have a process you can follow to request your lost combination directly from the company. If you are locked out for any other reason, you will need a locksmith. Whether you have a gun safe or a home/office safe, Winchester uses Sargent and Greenleaf mechanical and digital locks. These are some of the most secure commercial safe locks that exist and cannot be opened with easily learned trick and bypass tactics. To protect the integrity of your Winchester safe, contact a safe locksmith.

Safe Parts & Accessories

We have many safe parts and accessories that are not listed here on the web site. If you are looking for something specific to Gardall or American Security safes, and do not find it listed, please give us a call!

Please note, we do not have any Mosler or Meilink safe parts other than any that may be listed. If there are none listed, they are completely gone. We also do not stock any parts for Union Safe branded safes.

We are a reseller of Stack-On/Sentinel/RangeMaxx locks and keys only – but only the GL and I series. We do not carry any others. We are not the manufacturer.

Issues pertaining to Stack-On/Sentinel/RangeMaxx/Canon/Gunvault parts, should be directed to the customer service department of these brands at 702-331-8033 or 800-330-6313. These brands are all owned by a company called Alpha Guardian. We do not stock any other parts for these brands, nor can we obtain any.

Union Safe Company Wall Safe

MrElectric03 said:I saw them in the catalog and was considering it buying one to keep a few things in and maybe hang a picture in front of. I just don’t like electronic safes and what scares me even more is its electronic coming from harbor freight.

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Union Electronic Lock Gun Floor Safe

I must admit, it has been a long time since I have seen a safe with wheels on it. Thankfully from what I have found, the wheels are removable, as this is likely something you would never, and should never use. Bolt your safe to the ground, dont make it easier to remove from your home.

Much like the full-size gun safe we talked about earlier, I was unable to find what gauge steel this safe has, but it likely is also in the 14-18 gauge range.

It will offer basic protection, but not much more than that. Remember, when you are buying a safe, you are buying time, not an impenetrable safe. The less you spend, the less time you are buying yourself especially if it has wheels on it.

Other Options To Purchase:

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

UNION SAFE COMPANY 0.53 cu. ft. Electronic Wall Safe  Item 62983 ...

With a footprint 20 inches wide and 17 inches long , the 1114 may not be a great fit in small apartments or other living situations where theres not a lot of floor space. With its size and higher fireproof rating comes weight, as well: Moving this 42-pound safe around isnt as easy as moving a smaller, less protective option. You might see that as a good thing if you consider it through the lens of both fire and theft protection, but the 1114s heft can be inconvenient if you have to move the safe around when you need access to your stuff.

The 1114 lacks a digital keypad, a feature that, though not essential, would offer a way to get into the safe without a key. None of our other current picks offer a keypad, either, but its something we keep an eye out for since weve found it to be a convenient alternative to a physical key.

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Our Pick: Honeywell 1114 Lightweight Fire And Waterproof Chest

*At the time of publishing, the price was $120.

The best fireproof document safe to protect belongings from fire and water is the Honeywell 1114 Lightweight Fire and Waterproof Chest. It can survive hotter fires for longer than any other home or office document safe weve found from a reputable brand, and Honeywell claims that this safe should keep water out for 100 hours. Its interior is long enough and wide enough that you should be able to fit documents of any standard size, including letter, A4, and legal. Thoughtful design features such as a securely attached lid, plus hydraulic hinges that prevent your fingers from getting crushed when you close it, set it apart from the competition.

Additionally, Honeywell promises digital-media protection, as well as waterproofing under a meter of water for up to 100 hours. However, those two claims are based on Honeywells own testing, not the work of a third party like Intertek.

We appreciate the lids hinge system, which stops the heavy lid from potentially crushing your fingers as it closes. Its still possible to slam the lid shut, but if its knocked down accidentally, itll slow down a few inches from closing. In our testing, weve seen this feature only on larger safes from Honeywell, not on any other brands models. Additionally, this Honeywell safe has latches on either side of the lock that provide an extra degree of security in keeping the lid shut.

Restoring Power To The Keypad

  • 1Recharge or replace the batteries if you dont have your override key. Some digital safes have a keypad for your passcode as well as an override key that can unlock the safe. If your electronic keypad has run out of power, and you dont have your override key, replace the batteries that power the keypad or recharge the keypad.XResearch source
  • If you dont have your override key, you can access your digital safe is by using the electronic keypad.
  • 2Look for the battery casing on the keypad and open it up. Search near or on the keypad for the battery casing. It can usually be found on the underside of the keypad. Use your finger to hold the latch and remove the casing to expose the batteries.XResearch source
  • Some digital safes may require you to remove a small screw to access the battery casing.
  • Check to make sure the battery casing isnt damaged or the pieces are falling out. If so, you may need to take your safe to a professional to have it opened.
  • 3Replace the batteries with the same type and voltage. Once youve opened the battery casing, take out the existing batteries from their slots. Install the same type of batteries into their slots the same way the previous ones were installed. Then, close the battery case latch.XResearch source
  • The keypad may light up or lights may turn on once you restore power to it.
  • If your safe has a USB charging port, it will accept any USB charging cord.
  • If youve forgotten your passcode, try resetting it.
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    Other Good Fireproof Safes

    If the Honeywell 1114 goes out of stock or jumps in price, go with thehe SureSeal by FireKing SS104 is physically identical to the Honeywell 1114 other than the color of the branding on the front. Theyre the same safe. The SS104 was more expensive than the 1114 at the time of our research, and it went out of stock while we were writing this guide. If its back in stock and less expensive than the Honeywell 1114 when youre shopping, pick it instead.

    If the Honeywell 1108 goes out of stock or jumps in price, and youre OK with letter-size storage, choose the SureSeal by FireKing SS106. This is a smaller alternative to the Honeywell 1108 that can hold letter-size folders, but not legal-size.

    Hanging File Folder Safes

    Union safe company safe HOW TO UNLOCK

    The Honeywell 1106 is much more expensive than our budget file-folder pick, without the longer fire-resistant benefits of our top file-folder safe. The same goes for the 1536.

    SentrySafes FHW40200 exhibited the same faults as the CHW30100. Its faceplate came right off with a tug, and water damaged the contents in our fire test.

    We cant recommend the SentrySafe HD4100. Even though it has a more solid fit and finish than other safes weve tested from the company, the issues weve seen are so widespread and serious that were reticent to suggest any of SentrySafes models.

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    Union Safe Co 10 Gun Electronic Security Safe

    Now while I started off this article with a high point of Union Safe Co.s offering, I need to talk about their only full-size gun safe that they offer.

    After a quick glance, you could immediately tell that it wasnt exactly a quality product, and had similar steel thickness to the wall safe. The difference, and why I just cant recommend the product, is that full-size gun safes really are meant to be strong, and offer quality .

    On top of this, I cant find anywhere what the true steel thickness of the safe is. However I think it is probably in the 14 to 18 gauge range based on a quick knock of the steel.

    Yes, I know, I know, I have recommended safes in that range of steel in the past. However those safes are made by companies that have a reputation in the gun safe industry, or are white label versions of a gun safe company that has a good reputation. This one just doesnt have that, and doesnt have the quality that would work for many people.

    To find a safe in this price point, I would recommend you read through this article here!

    Quick Similar Alternatives:

    Union Safes Drop Down Gun Safe

    This style of gun safe is quickly becoming a popular alternative to a standard drawer desk or dresser safe. It offers extremely quick access to a firearm, and is a unique design that is perfect for many different applications.

    The quality of this one from Union Safe Company definitely wasnt the highest end version, but it likely will get the job done for a relatively low cost.

    I wouldnt count on this being a safe you keep for a long time, as you likely will want to upgrade to another one at some point in the future.

    Other Alternatives

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    Who Should Get This

    Document safes are meant to provide protection from fire, water, and theft for people who wish to keep important belongings secure in an office or at home. Theyre best for hard-to-replace or valuable documentssuch as passports and birth certificatesor small items like hard drives or USB sticks. Most people can find good use for a fireproof safe, whether they want to be ready for travel or major financial transactions, or if they just want to add an extra layer of safety for a drive full of treasured digital photos.

    Fireproof safes are not meant to be burglarproof or to serve as impenetrable time capsules. If you have jewelry, precious metals, or anything else of high value that you dont need frequent access to, consider a safe that is anchored to your floor, or even a safe-deposit box at a local bank. It isnt nearly as easy for a thief to get into a bank vault as it is for them to enter your house. These document safes are also not gun safes and should not be used as such.

    Safes trap humidity, so its important to air them out on a regular basis, and some manufacturers recommend keeping important items, including jewelry, sealed in airtight containers. We address this issue further in the Care and maintenance section below.

    Determine Your Type Of Safe

    0.53 cu. ft. Electronic Wall Safe

    Knowing what type of safe you have is incredibly important to find out what your next step is. In cases where you are looking to open your locked safe yourself, you cant find the relevant information when all you know is, my safe wont open. If you know the brand name, even this can help you when youre locked out of your safe.

    The brand name of the safe is often quite easy to find. Most likely there will be a company logo on the front door of the safe. However, sometimes the logo will not include the name of the manufacturer, instead, it may just have some form of decal or illustration. But most will have large painted letters spelling out the companys name.

    If your safe wont open, and there is no clear brand name, the next step is to look for any type of purchasing information. If that cannot be found, you can take a look at the type of construction and size of the safe. There is a chance that a safe wont open because it is not a safe at all, rather it is a lockbox. Lockboxes and safes are two different devices, but either can be accessed by a professional.

    This leads me to the final bit of advice. If you do not know what type of safe you are dealing with, call a safe locksmith. Just tell them that, my safe wont open, and your job is as good as done. They will diagnose the issue and make sure that you are not locked out of your safe a moment longer than necessary.

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    What Do I Do If The Batteries For My Safe Die

    For lower-end safes such as Sentry safes, the company has a list of all the ways to replace the batteries when they die. Most electronic locks for safes will have similar modes of replacing batteries. When it comes to higher-end safe manufacturers, they are likely to use SG which has a removable battery compartment at the bottom of the dial.

    A Bigger Option For File Folders: Honeywell 1108 Fire/water Large File Chest

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $160.

    If you have a lot of documents and want to organize them in folders, the Honeywell 1108 Fire/Water Large File Chest is the best choice. It has all of the same attributes as our main pick, the Honeywell 1114, including the ability to survive a fire at up to 1,700 ºF for an hour. The main difference between the two is the 1108s ability to accommodate both letter- and legal-size hanging file folders within more than a cubic foot of storage space. The result of that extra space is that the 1108 is the heaviest safe weve tested, weighing more than 80 pounds. That makes it tough to move around even with the small grips carved out along its outer edges.

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    Union Safe Personal Portable Security Safe

    If you are on the hunt for an extremely cheap, and portable safe, this unit may just be for you! This unit appears to be exactly just like most others of this style on the market today, and I doubt it is any more, or less reliable than those other ones.

    At its price point, and ease of purchase at your local Harbor Freight, it is probably going to be one of the best choices if this is what you are looking for.

    Keep in mind, just because I am recommending this unit, in comparison to its competitors, does not make it a great safe. These units are inexpensive, and wouldnt take much to break into. You wouldnt want to leave your firearm in the unit left unattended for very long.

    You would be better off going with one of these safes instead, if you want something more secure.


    Union Safe Digital Wall Safe

    Union Safe Review Watch Before Buying!

    I really wanted to start off with a safe that I actually did like! Much like all other wall safes out there of this style, they arent really meant to be extremely secure, but rather a somewhat secure safe, that relies more on being hidden for its true security.

    Because of this, you can keep prices extremely low by not having to spend as much on quality of steel, but can still keep good security overall.

    With that said, the Union Safe Wall Digital safe at Harbor Freight can offer a great value, that doesnt lose out too much on quality.

    The safe is primarily a digital safe, but also does offer a key backup, that it so kindly reminds you not to lock on the inside of the safe .

    I do wish it had a hidden floor like what Snapsafes version of this safe has, but that is a small price to pay, when you are paying such a small price .

    Other Options:

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    What Can I Do If My Sentry Safe Wont Open

    Most Sentry safes can be opened with quick and simple methods such as bouncing, magnet manipulation, and probing. Most safe models made by Sentry can be opened non-destructively. Continue reading for insights on bouncing and probing, but be sure to call a locksmith if you cannot get the method to work or do not have the appropriate tools.

    Why You Should Trust Us

    Thankfully, I dont have any experience with what happens to a safe in an actual house fire. So for our initial testing, I worked with fire professionals to accurately simulate the scenario and learn how safes perform in real fires. My father and grandfather are both volunteer firefighters with 80 years of combined experience. They helped us design, build, and burn a testing rig that approximated a house fire as closely as possible. I also interviewed John Drengenberg of UL to understand what the certifying body is looking for when it tests safes, and I spoke to Larry McKenna, a fire protection engineer at the US Fire Administration, who explained how hot fires get and how long they can last.

    Ive been a writer at Wirecutter since 2014, covering Apple products, accessories, and a plethora of other categories. I originally pitched this guide after having to make the decision of which safe to buy myself.

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