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Western Union Lost Money Order

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Cancel A Moneygram Money Order

Man loses money when Western Union money orders are stolen from mailbox

You can cancel or replace a MoneyGram money order completely online. The first step is to check your money orders eligibility in their system. To do this, enter the serial number found on the receipt. If it is eligible, you will be guided through their cancellation form and charged an $18 processing fee.

Processing an online cancellation request takes seven to 10 business days, and you can monitor its progress online.

If you dont have your receipt, call the customer service number or visit your nearest branch.

What Do I Need To Fill Out A Money Order

A money order is similar to a check, in terms of the information you need. The biggest difference is money orders must be prepaid. Rather than pulling funds from your account when the receiver cashes your check, the money is withdrawn immediately when you purchase a money order. When filling out a money order, here is what you will need:

  • Recipients name
  • Dollar amount being paid
  • Cash or a debit card to pay for the money order

Some money transfer service providers may not require your reason for payment, but its a good idea to have the purpose of transfer handy just in case.

How To Cancel Or Replace Money Orders

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As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, Change is the only constant in life. So what happens if your plans change after you buy a money order and drop it in the mail? What if it goes missing or gets stolen?

With most money order issuers, including USPS, Western Union, and MoneyGram, you can cancel the payment. To do so, either fill out a form or take the money order back to the place you originally bought it. Bring identification and any information you have about the money order to start the process. Its best if you have a receipt from your original money order purchase.

If successful, the issuer should return funds to you, often within about 60 days.

The sooner you act, the better: If the money order gets cashed or deposited, youll have a much harder time getting your money back. Read on for more details about the process.

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Money Order Tracking: Western Union

When it comes to a Western Union money order, you will need to bring the receipt to the agent where you purchased the money order. They will want to make sure the receipt is completely filled out and then will ask you to pay the required fee. Western Union will trace the money order. If it has not been cashed, Western Union will replace the money order or refund your money.

If you do not have the original receipt, you might not be out of luck. Simply complete a Western Union Money Order Research Request. This form is available on the Western Union website or you can get a blank form from an agent. Print the form and mail it along with the fee to the address on the form and they could help you arrive at a desirable resolution.


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When Should I Use A Money Order

For situations in which paying with cash, check, or a digital app isn’t idealor even viablea money order might be the best answer. Like a check, money orders are written directly to individuals or companies by name, requiring endorsement and identification to cash them. This makes money orders much more secure than cash, protecting the funds in case of loss or theft.

Money orders played a key role in U.S. history. During the Civil War, thieves would rob post offices and delivery runs to grab the cash being sent all over the country. Abraham Lincolns postmaster general at the time came up with a solution: money orders.

Although personal checks offer similar security benefits, money orders have the advantage of being prepaid. Assuming you have a legitimate money order, accepting it as a form of payment is free of risk because the sender has already provided the funds.

By contrast, a personal check is accepted in good faith that the senders bank account has sufficient funds or overdraft protection to cover the check. If not, the payment bounces, and the recipient is left shortand often pays a bank fee on top of that.

  • Requires an in-person visit to a money order dealer

  • Requires you to pay a purchase fee, unlike personal checks

  • Not allowed for mobile deposit by all banks

The advantages of money orders over cash and check make them preferred or even required in many situations, such as when:

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How Do Money Orders Work

Since money orders are written to a specific recipient, they can be more secure than cash, and are less likely to bounce because the issuer of the money order will typically require the payment upfront. If you are receiving the money order, you should be able to deposit the money order similar to how you would with cash or a check. You pay the value of money order and any associated fees when you get it. Then, you send the money order to your intended recipient. They take it to their bank or another place that cashes money orders to exchange the money order for cash. Depending upon where they cash it, there may be a fee to cash the money order.

Money orders are usually accepted, but you may run into a situation where a store wont accept a specific type of money order. Therefore, its considered a good idea to cash the money order at the same institution that issued it. This makes the U.S. Postal Service, MoneyGram, or Western Union popular places to buy a money order. These companies have locations across the U.S., so the recipient is likely to have a location nearby to cash it.

Request With Your Receipt

Western Union Girls won’t refund my Money on a Money Order

You can request a refund by completing the money order tracing-refund request at the back of the receipt attached to the money order, or by completing the money order customer request form, which you can download from Western Union’s website. The forms ask for your name, address, money order number, date of purchase, amount, payee name, purchase location and the reason for your request. Complete and sign one of these forms and send it to the address provided, along with the $15 processing fee and the money order receipt. It typically takes 30 days for the company to process this type of request but it may be longer if you don’t provide the receipt.

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How To Fill Out A Money Order

A money order offers a reliable alternative to cash, credit, or checks. You can use money orders to give as a gift, make purchases, and even pay bills. You can purchase a money order through banks, certain retail locations, and participating Western Union agent locations.

Accurately filling out a money order isnt complicated, but it does require attention to detail. Need help filling out a money order for the first time? Learn how to fill out a money order correctly by following the step-by-step instructions below.

How To Track A Western Union Money Order

LOS ANGELES,December 29, 2021 –iQuanti: Western Union money orders offer a reliable and accessible way to send and receive money. And once you buy a money order, you can easily track it to make sure it gets delivered to your recipient. All you’ll need is the serial number, or an 11-digit tracking number on your Western Union money order record stub. Once you have that in hand, here’s how to track a money order from Western Union:

How to track a Western Union money order

You can easily track a Western Union money order and see whether it has been cashed by your recipient by following these steps:

  • The automated help line will give you a series of menu prompts. Make sure to select “Check the Status of a Money Order” when prompted.
  • You should see an 11-digit serial number on the upper right corner of your Western Union money order record stub. Enter this number when prompted.
  • The automated help line will let you know the status of your money order. You’ll be able to find out whether your money order has been cashed by the recipient. If the recipient has already cashed the money order, the automated service will let you know when it was cashed.
  • Can you track a Western Union money order without the serial number?

    If you lose your receipt and don’t have the serial number, don’t worry you can still track your money order with other relevant pieces of information by filling out a Western Union Money Order Research Request online. Here’s some information you’ll need to include:

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    Forms You Need To Cancel A Money Order

    How To Spot A Fake Western Union Money Order / Western Union Money ...

    To start the process immediately and see requirements, visit the customer service site for your money order issuer:

    Keep your receipt any time you buy a money order. Its best to provide the receipt when canceling because it contains important information, like the money order number and other details.

    If you dont have the receipt, gather as much information as you have. Even a photo of the original money order is helpful. Without a receipt, the issuer might be able to find your money order, but they may charge additional feesand theres always a chance that they wont find your money order without a receipt.

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    How Do You Fill Out A Money Order

    When you buy a money order, you will need to include information about the purchaser and the recipient. Write the name of the intended recipient in the “Pay to the Order” field, and your full legal name and address in the appropriate fields. Some money orders may not ask for your address. Finally, sign and date the money order, and keep the receipt.

    Tips To Prevent Money Order Theft Or Loss

    When used correctly, money orders are an extremely secure form of payment. But you should always follow these three rules:

    1. Immediately write in a name for the Payee. Fill out the Payee field the second you purchase a money order. To cash the money order, the recipient must provide valid identification that matches the Payees name. With the Payee field filled out, it will be much harder to cash if it falls into the wrong hands.

    And if the money does somehow get stolen, you have proof that the wrong person cashed it and youll have a better chance of recovering your money.

    2. Save your receipt. The more information you can include on your cancellation form, the faster it can be processed.

    When an issuer hands you the receipt, snap a photo of it before stuffing it in your pocket. That way, if it gets misplaced, you have a backup.

    3. Deliver your money order securely. The safest way to deliver a money order is by hand.

    If thats not possible, sending it in the mail is secure as well, as long as the Payee field is filled out. That said, avoid leaving it in a drop box or anywhere else where it is easy to steal.


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    Cancel A Western Union Money Order

    To cancel Western Union money orders, fill out the refund request on the back of your receipt and send it in via mail, fax or email. You will have to pay a $15 processing fee, and processing can take up to 30 days.

    If you dont have the receipt, youll have to print, fill out and notarize their Money Order Customer Request form. You will also need to attach as much documentation as possible to support your case. This may include:

    • Original cash register receipt.
    • Your bank statement showing proof of payment.
    • Copies of other money orders or receipts you purchased on the same day.
    • Copies of similar money orders or receipts .
    • Copy of the police report .

    Without a receipt, the process costs $30 and it can take six to eight weeks. You are also not guaranteed to get your money back.

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    Deadline to file for Western Union scam refund soon

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    Fill Out The Cancellation Request Form

    Unless you have the option to cancel a lost or stolen money order over the phone, you typically need to complete a cancellation request form with the money order issuer.

    Depending on the issuer of the money order, you may need your original receipt to submit a cancellation request. The cancellation request form will ask you for specific details, including:

    • The date the money order was purchased
    • The money order amount
    • The location that the money order was purchased
    • The money orders tracking number

    All of this should be included on your receipt. If you dont have the original receipt, you can still submit a cancellation request form using the information you can remember. The money order issuer may also ask for the name of the person or business that you intended to send the money order to.

    Keep The Money Order Receipt

    Your money order will have a detachable receipt to keep for your records. This is not only your proof of purchase, but it also provides transfer tracking information so you can confirm when the money is deposited by the recipient.

    If you suspect that your money order is lost, misplaced, or stolen, report it to the provider. You wont be able to do this without the receipt, so keep it in a safe place, at least until the money is deposited by the right person.

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    Other Money Order Questions

    If you are a purchaser and you have a money order receipt, submit refund request here.

    Click here for other submission options.

    You may be able to cash your money order at banks and other retailers . In some circumstances, the bank or retailer may charge you to cash your money order. You may also be able to deposit the money order into your bank account.

    Please note, not all Western Union locations, including where you buy a money order, are able to cash them.

    No. However, depending upon the state of purchase, if you do not use or cash the money order within one to three years of the purchase date, a non-refundable service charge will be deducted from the principal amount.

    Click here for more information.

    You can buy a money order at a participating Western Union Agent location. Make sure to apply âMoney Orderâ as option in filters.

    Click here if you did not find answer to your question above.

    *Card issuer cash advance fee and associated interest charges may apply. Use a debit card to avoid these fees and charges.

    ** Terms and Conditions apply. Restrictions apply, see

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